Daniels Random Events V1.2

Daniels Random Events V1.2

Changes in V1.2:
Made the cones in the cone tapers now light up in the correct order (NOTE: after testing found that there are still issues with this but these issues can also be seen in SCS's cones so don't think there is a way to completely fix this currently).
Increased the length of the cone tapers to make them more realistic.
Made the cones in the cone tapers adjust their position dynamically to reflect the curve in the road.
Tweaked breakdown events to have vehicle to the side of the road instead of in the middle.
Made broken down cars sometimes have smoke.
Made breakdown events sometimes have warning triangle placed before them.
Added VMS sign to sometimes warn the player of accidents / lane closures ahead instead of always having the van with flashing arrow.
Added several new events.
Decreased frequency of single lane events.
Tweaked the positioning of emergency vehicles at the events to make them look more realistic.
Added more people to the events.