How to Install Mods in ETS 2

There are lot of people asking me how to install mods in euro truck simulator 2. So i decided to write this post.

First, download your mod file then open it with WinRAR software. After that you can see different types of mods files.

You can see in the above image, that mod file is open with winRAR and inside of that file, there are two files with .scs file format. If you see that file extension, then extract the mod and put it in your mod folder.

If your mod doesn't have this type of files, probably it looks like following image. 

So in this case, this type of mods need to install in different way and you can always identify this mods. Because it has many folders and files. After that, close your WinRAR file and follow this steps.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

After that rename file extension from "zip,rar" to ".scs" like above image and then press enter button. Some message will be pop up and press OK button. After the conversion file will be like this.

Now mod is successfully converted to scs file and put it in your mod folder. Then active it with your profile.

Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod

I also did not know about that earlier and later i got to know that. So, i hope you know how to install mod in ETS 2 and if you have any trouble or questions and feed back please comment down below. Thank you guys.

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