DAF 95 ATi by XBS v1.2 + BDF Addon

version: 1.2
Standalone truck, Sold in DAF Dealer shop.
No details from other games or mods.
Model and additional details created in the 3d editor for this truck.
version ETS2 1.35-1.36

_____Day Cab
_____Sleeper Cab
_____Space Cab
_____Super Space Cab
_____Topsleeper Cab

_____FT 4x2 WB3500
_____FT 4x2 WB3800
_____FTG 6x2/4 midlift
_____FTR 6x2 taglift
_____FTS 6x2
_____FTS 6x2 taglift
_____FTT 6x4
_____FA 4x2 Rigid
_____FAR 6x2 Rigid
_____FAS 6x2 Rigid
_____FAD 8x4

_____DAF WS 242 ATi Euro 1 (329hp)
_____DAF WS 268 ATi Euro 2 (364hp)
_____DAF WS 295 ATi Euro 2 (401hp)
_____DAF WS 315 ATi Euro 2 (428hp)

_____ZF 16 S 130
_____ZF 16 S 130 overdrive
_____Fuller RT-14613
_____Fuller RTO-14613

Author mod: XBS


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