PJ Indo Map v2.5 [1.32]

PJ Indo Map v2.5

This is one of the add-on maps that do not require all DLCs. I want this map can be played by everyone, even they who do not have any DLC yet. In addition, there is rarely a fantasy map add-on which has a good quality. This mod is made in such a way with lighter performance or graphics as much as possible. I also hope that this mod will continue to be better quality.

Note that this map is located south of Europe (below Italia). And it is recommended for you to start exploring this map from northern part/island. Because it feels more Indonesia!
Everyone is allowed to use every model and assets from PJ Indo Map. This mod file is not locked, so it can be opened and edited for free. But please include the name of the author in your mod (eg. Credits) if you want to modify this map.

Also compatible with other map mods: ProMods, RusMap, Southern Region, Project Balkans, MHA Pro, EAA, TSM, etc.

- Compatible for version 1.32.
- Added a new road and more improvements in northern part/island (left-side traffic).
- Few bugs fixed.

Latest Version : 2.5
ETS2 Version : 1.32

- Not require all DLCs.
- This is not fully representing real life of Indonesia, just for fun. :)
- This mod can be complement/combined with other add-on maps 
- I hope there are no more errors or bugs in this map.
- Enjoy!



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