Grand Utopia - Map [1.32]


This map will give you an entire new fictional world to discover, created by me.
The map is still a work in progress project so I thank you to be nice if you have some bugs while you play on it.
Don't forget that Grand Utopia is a standalone map. That means that you cannot add it to other maps (europe, promods, trucksim, etc).
You must create a new game to play on it.

You must have ALL MAP DLC's in order to make the map work. 

 I won't be responsible of crashes or save corruptions if you activate the map on your current game or if you play on it with other mods ! 

Version 1.1 : 
- city of Rivenchy added
- city of Gavroche added
- city of Monteil added

- toll prices adjusted
- licence plates on AI vehicules corrected
- rain inside tunnels corrected
- missing road to Globeur (Pérignat) corrected
- economy adjusted

- mod converted to ETS 1.32.x
- some minor mapping mistakes corrected
- some minor bugs corrected



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  1. Mi pana saludos dessd ecuador esta chevere tu trabajo sigue asi oongale mas carreteras swcundarias y montañas eso lo ase interezant saludoa