Renault AE (V2.0)


What the mod has to offer:
-One cabin, with or without spoiler
-One version of interior with added accessories
-4 chassis: 4x2, 6x2 taglift, 6x4, and a custom rigid
-Aforementioned custom rigid, with fitting sideskirts, and a fully custom curtain body
-Multiple tank variants
-Choice between plastic or paint between many accessories
-Correctly animated interior
-Sounds by Kriechbaum
-Supposedly clear log unless I didn't test it enough (mild errors may be prevalent, but larger issue should not)

Changelog V2.0
-Fixed many defs
-Added Engine badges
-Added more colors to foglights
-Added DLC compatibility
-Fixed interior tuning problems
-Added more interior tuning
-Added truck desktop (thanks Monday Man)
-Added truck to quick jobs (thanks Monday Man)
-Added skins (from Dacarkid)
-Tweaked Materials, plastic not shiny anymore
-Textured more of interior such as webasto
-Added windshield tint/Truck of the Year 91 text
-Added 2 roofbars with slots
-Added one setup of horns
-Added paintable rear fenders

Main author: Krille
Sebastiank - Dealer defs
Pettel - Some textures
Stabbs - Defs, UI Icons, engines and transmission
Loadersaints - Animation help
Dotec - General helping
Zacariya - Floormat UI Icons
Monday Man - Lots of def help

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