Better Flares v4.1 [ETS2 v1.49]

Version 4.0 is a revival of my long-abandoned mod of the same name, which ended on version 3.2 but was updated for some time by @paokkerkir.
Unfortunately, due to inactivity, the original 3.2 topic was deleted, so I had to create a new one.

Key features:
- Completely reworked flares
- Realistic headlights patterns (up to 50 modded trucks supported)
- Modified SCS AI traffic with 9 headlights color variants and 2 red/brake signals

Place Traffic Addon at the bottom of Mod Manager, most importantly below map mods to avoid errors and crashes.
If you are using Sound Fixes Pack mod place it below Traffic Addon, otherwise you will have mismatch between flares and headlights colors.
Bug example:


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