Revamped Dynamic Suspension [1.49.x]

This modification brings improvements in suspension, seat, brake, clutch and trailer. Includes numerous changes which are extremely crucial in improving the driving experience in-game.

– Added compatibility for DAF XD


Connection order: This mod should be set at high priority / above other physics mod!

Mod compatibility: This mod should work with all default trucks and the modded ones!

Modded Trucks compatibility: On your choice! Read the README.txt file included in the archive!

Recommended settings

✔️Steering sensitivity 0.75
✔️Braking intensity 100%
✔️Truck stability 50%
✔️Trailer stability 50%
✔️Driveshaft torque 0% – 100% #Optional (use percentage as you like)
✔️Suspension stiffness 0%
✔️Cabin suspension stiffness 0%
✔️Uneven surface simulation 70% #Optional (use percentage as you like)
✔️Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) – ON ✅
✔️Traction Control – ON ✅

Note: If recommended settings aren’t proper for yourself, feel free to adjust them.


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