Overcast addon for SCS Weather 1.1

his mod replace one sunny skybox with one that is overcast. I think it is a bit monotone with only sunshine or rain.

What does this mod do?:
- Replace one clearsky skybox with overcast skybox
- Change defenitions to match replaced skybox
- Added defenitions to arid and desert climate
- Overcast skybox is from SCS, original texture, look and performance from vanilla game is kept

Who is this mod aimed for?:
Mod is aimed at players that like the default weather and skyboxes from SCS, but is tired of only rain or sunshine and want the weather to sometimes be overcast without rain.

- Tested on a clean profile without errors.
- Not compatible with other weather mods.
- Experimental version features two replaced skyboxes and one include dense fog, it is in beta version because it is still buggy.

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