Feldbinder Body for Rigid and Revised Trailer Addon by Kast v1.0 [27.10.23][1.47 - 1.48]


The KIP body is available for 3 chassis types:
- 8x4-4100 (Hook: 1250mm)
- 6xx-4300 (Hook: 1380mm)
- 6xx-3900 (Hook: 1380mm)
The chassis type 6xx-4700 will no longer be supported, it was unrealistic anyway because it is too long behind the rear axles

As for the supported truck brands, I am limited to those for which addons are already available:
SCS trucks:
- DAF 2021 XG+/XG/XF (Kast's Addon required)
- MAN TGX 2020 (Kast's Addon required)
- MAN TGX Euro6 (Kast's Addon required)
- Renault Range T (Kast's Addon required)
Truck mods:
- RJL Scania (Kast's Addon required)
- MAN TGX 2015 (Gloover's mod and Kast's Addon required)
- New Scania S/R/G by Eugene (Eugene's Scania Rework and Kast's Addon required)
- Volvo FH&FH16 2012 reworked (Truck and Rigid Addon by Eugene/Mondo.N required)
- Volvo FH3 by Johnny244 (Kast's Addon required)
Hopefully this list will be longer in the future. (Speaking for myself, I really miss the New Actros and the old DAFs)

Customization options
- basically everything from my initial addon: side tubes, side protection, reflexive stripes, storage boxes, ...
- a combination of compressor and smaller tanks on the right side
- a combination of extra tank and boxes on the left side
- taken from my Feldbinder trailer mod: top lights, sticker slots



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