Real Traffic Density


Why Real Traffic Density mod is an unique traffic mod?

- it uses rational spawn numbers according to real life charts and according with game’s limits checked personally in hours of testing; the numbers used at rush hours are +/- the maximum that the game can handle.
- the only mod which includes a separate speed class for emergency vehicles and also for motorcycles and sport cars (if these packs are used and adapted for RTD), which will drive with increased speed wherever possible (if speed limit is given by country rules and not road signs).
- any Ai can also break the speed limit at random basis with a certain value, up to 35%. Ai cannot drive faster than their limit set in their files, therefore this rule won’t really apply to trucks but rather for cars which keeps things very realistic
- low spawn numbers at merging which makes it the only traffic mod which manages to keep out of meerging issues and traffic jams everywhere with a very good density everywhere else
- unique increased semaphore cycles duration with shorter green time for small roads and longer green for large roads
- Ai can overtake on simple continuous line on 1x1 roads

Why my Real Traffic Density mod is better than other traffic mods?

- best traffic density vs performance (no FPS drops on average PC and high graphic settings)
- reduced traffic at night, excepting motorways where density remains relatively high
- different desnity for small vs large cities
- correct spawn ratio cars vs trucks vs other types of vehicles (givem by the realistic numbers)

Compatible with the following map mods:

- Vanilla map and all map DLCs
- MHA Pro Map (RTD has higher priority)
- ProMods (RTD has higher priority)
(not checked with other map mods)

changelog v.1.47.a
-adaptation for ETS2 1.47


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