Better Raindrops v1.0

Key features:
- Add new texture and significantly increase number of raindrops.
- Improve physical behaviour of particles, now their spawn will be more affected by truck position relatively to rain inclination.
It makes a huge difference and vastly improve perception of weather! Just try it yourself!
- Detailed description of config parameters in \def\vehicle\interior_glass_config.sii in case you want to play around with the settings yourself

Important! Mod is fully compatible with both ATS/ETS2 and any other weather/sound mods, just give it a priority and place on top of others.
Personally I love to use it with Improved SCS Rain mod for better sound experience.

Known issues:
Some drops will spawn beyond side windows and hang in the air. This was done on purpose specifically to reduce particle density on them and will be noticeable only with the lowered windows. If you don't like this effect, then delete truck folder located in better_raindrops_v1.0\def\vehicle\



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