Volvo FH&FH16 2012 Reworked

This mod adapts to v1.46, Volvo FH Tuning Pack and Updated Cabin Accessories Pack.

Name of some parts is changed.

a_def → Corner Deflector
bumper → Front Bumper
frame → Front Badge Plate
mask → Front Grille Bottom
spoiler → Roof Deflector and Side Deflector
FH16 pillar trims in Front Mask are moved to Window Trims
Glass rear side window in Front Mask are moved to Sidepanels
Headlights → Headlights (Internal parts name is changed)

New parts are added.

Front Cabin Fenders(Include Front Chassis Fender)
Rear Bumper
Rear Fenders
Rear Fenders Top
Window Trims

Mondo.N, Eugene


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