Actros Plus: New Actros MP4 Cabin Overhaul - 1.1.7


This is an interior replacement mod for the original SCS New Actros 2014. Almost all parts of the interior has been revised or replaced with new models, textures and animations. There are also some new additional accessory-slots inside and outside the cabin.

Rework of models, textures, uv-maps and animations
ComfortLine, HomeLine, StyleLine and Carbon Edition
Completely new satnav, aircon, tachograph, fleet-management device and window lift panel
Bosch TCC (Truck Control Center) in 4 variants (Touch, High, Mid, StdLow) with infotainment support
Dashboard, cabin and ambient lighting
Additional wind-deflectors for side windows
Detachable roof-deflector / aero-kit
Rework of headlights / xenon and halogen variant
UK cabin and gauges
Accessory compatibility add-on
Animated suspension buttons / level-control
Rework of window lifter panel
Reading light on the cabins back wall
Rework of driver/co-driver seat
Customizable seat cover, duvet cover, carpet
Satnav with small screen
Rework of rubber carpet
Swap Body Carrier Chassis Pack by Sebastian7870
Signs On Your Truck & Trailer by Tobrago
Mercedes Actros MP4 Reworked by Schumi + Low Deck Add-on by Sogard3


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