Deliveries Plus v1.0

Deliveries Plus is a mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 that allows you to deliver goods to locations that the base game does not allow. Now, thanks to this mod, delivery points are scattered all over the map and goods can be delivered there. The places concerned by the mod are the gas stations. In future updates, hotels, truck dealers and repair garages will also be implemented.

In addition to being able to deliver fuel, the transport of other goods will be possible and will be related to the location served. (own trailer or not!)

Bottled water, brake fluid, carbonated water, chewing-gums, chocolate, Diesel, empty palets, fuel oil, furnitures, Kerosene, LPG, motor oil, non-alcoholic beer, oil, packaged food, pet food, petrol,r eflective posts and toys

Curtain sider: 12 / 19

Dry freighter: 12 / 19

Container Carrier: 3 / 19

Container Carrier (flatbed): 3 / 19

Tank: 6 / 19


As said before, in this first version you can deliver to gas stations. Contrary to a classical company, you will not be able to choose your delivery place, i.e. as soon as you arrive at the delivery point, the trigger will be automatically displayed. However, it can vary according to the stations, which means that, on the same prefab, it will not necessarily be in the same place as usual. Keep in mind that there are not an infinite number of possibilities!

Each station will have the name it has always had.

Oil (Scandinavia), ÉCO (France), INI (Italia), Gasmer & VRM Oil (Baltic Sea), Petrin & Filgas (Black Sea), Mirosol & Gota (Iberia)

The only exception are the basic ones, which have been present since 2012 and which, in this mod, have a made-up name (SCS Fuel) although some of them do have their own name.

Author: Adyox

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