Dynamic Suspension V6.4.2 [1.46.x]

This modification brings improvements in suspension, seat, brake, clutch and trailer. Includes numerous changes which are extremely crucial in improving the driving experience in-game.
Dynamic Suspension V6.4.0 is a complete revamp for the current version of the game (1.43.x), based on community feedback that I’ve gathered for a long time.

Please keep in mind that it will be available only for 1.43 and the future versions. The support for 1.42 and below versions, will be dropped. The reason is because of the changes that SCS made to the chassis in 1.43 and those will no longer work the same for 1.42 and below, especially the taglifts and midlifts.

Also, all the modded trucks will be dropped because is a time consuming to re-download & to wait for the author to update them for the new changes. So, only default trucks at the moment will benefit from this update. Being a patreon, you have the possibility to request me a specific modded truck and I’ll add it in future. There is also a short tutorial below, teaching how to addapt a specific modded truck to Dynamic Suspension.
Patch compatibility: 1.46.x; Older versions;

Connection order: This mod should be set at high priority / above other physics mod!

Mod compatibility: This mod should work with all default trucks and the modded ones!

Modded Trucks compatibility: On your choice! Follow the below tutorial or just request me.


1. Extract your modded truck

2. Follow the following path:


3. Open all chassis 4×2 / 6×2 / 6×4 / 8×4 and modify the following lines as below:

For 4×2

residual_travel[]: 0.14

residual_travel[]: 0.10

For 6×2 / 6×4

residual_travel[]: 0.14

residual_travel[]: 0.10

residual_travel[]: 0.10

For 8×4

residual_travel[]: 0.14

residual_travel[]: 0.10

residual_travel[]: 0.10

residual_travel[]: 0.10

4. Archieve the mod and put it into mod folder & activate it in-game

5. Enjoy the Dynamic Suspension mod!

Dynamic suspension settings for Keyboard / Joystick:

c_rsteersens 0.75 # Recommended!!! Or you can set slider in-game on middle.
g_suspension_stiffness 0.2
g_cabin_suspension_stiffness 0
g_truck_stability 0.25
g_trailer_stability 0.25
g_brake_intensity 1.0

Dynamic suspension settings for Steering Wheel:

g_suspension_stiffness 0
g_cabin_suspension_stiffness 0
g_truck_stability 0.25
g_trailer_stability 0.25
g_brake_intensity 1.0

Note: If those values isn’t proper for yourself, feel free to change them.
Note*: Write above setting in console (~) after load the profile.
Note**: Lower value means more realistic behavior but high risk of overturn
Changelog 6.4.2:

– 1.46 game version compatibility

Changelog 6.4.0:

– Improved for FFB (steering wheel won’t wobble)

– Decreased chassis suspension travel

– Decreased cabin pitch front angle (while brake)

– Decreased cabin suspension travel

– Decreased cabin damping factor

– Decreased cabin swinging (full brake / truck stop)

– Decreased air resistance (resulting in real values for avg. fuel consumption)

– Increased brake strength factor

– Increased suspension damping strength

– Increased anti-roll/sway-bar stiffness

– Increased roughness of the tyre material(decrease of slippery on wet conditions in curves)

– Increased damping of tyre deformation for lateral factor (decrease of slippery on wet conditions in curves)

– Reworked all truck chassis

– Fixed incorrect lift axle for mid lift & tag lift
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