Scania V8 Open pipe with Lepidas Team Exhaust System *2 Tones*

This mod is Scania V8 Open pipe sound with Lepidas Team exhaust system
for SCS Scania R & Streamline and RJL Scania R & Streamine and 4 Series

-Scania V8 Open pipe sound with Lepidas Team exhaust system
-Custom Scania DC16 950HP & 1000HP+ tuned engine by Lepidas Team
-Custom Lepidas turbo
-Background gearbox whine sound
-Exhaust valve open and close sound when start and stop engine
-Custom sound attenuation for realisitc sound fade off
-Dynamic sound distortion from different angle
-Custom sound orientation for dynamic sound distortion & loudness from different angle

Version 2.0 Changelog:
-Updated for 1.43
-Rebuilt sound from scratch
-Improved exhaust samples
-New engine sound
-Removed Kriechbaum's assets
-Included Variable pitch BOV system
-Included 2 tones exhaust system

How to use 2 tones exhaust system:
1. Hold light horn button for 1 second (and not later that 1.5 second)
2. press J again but do not hold, and now the tone should be changed
3. To change the tone back just repeat the same process

Note: 2 tones exhaust system may not work with some kind of interior sound mods

Slav Jerry - most sound samples
Kriechbaum, Alexander Swift - truck effects sound
SCS Software - most engine samples

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