Advanced coupling

Cable simulation

Animation of supports

A lot of skins

Schmitz_Z.KO Folding Wall Box (purchased as a property)

Schmitz_S.KO EXPRESS Folding Wall Box (purchased as a property)

Schmitz S.PR 24L (purchased in the property)

Lamberet SR2 Futura (purchased as a property)

Bodex Walking Floor (purchased as a property)

Aero-dynamic 2WIN (purchased as a property)

Vanhool cistern (bought into the property)

Kogel flat bed (purchased as a property)

Kogel MAXX (to be bought into the property)

Sommer Containers (purchased in the property)

Krone Refrigerated (purchased in the property)

Langendorf glass trailer (purchased as a property)

WIELTON cistern (bought into the property)

Schwarzmuller Jumbo (purchased in the property)

Schwarzmuller cistern (bought into the property)

SAMRO Nylcon container (purchased as a property)

Fliegl Log (purchased as a property)

Magyar Food Cistern (purchased in the property)

KRONE Mega Liner

Feldbinder KIP 63.3

ROLFO cars transport

Krone Load Carrier

Changes: Update for 1.43.x

TZ Rommi

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