Actros Plus: New Actros MP4 Cabin Overhaul

Re-do almost all of the cabins meshes, uvs, textures and animations.

- Clean-up and/or re-modeling of many meshes
- Re-arrangement or re-creation of almost all of the meshes uv-maps for better tiling
- Many new materials and textures for dashboard, side and door panels (more reflections as we have it in reality, everything reflects)
- New material/optics for Actros StyleLine with better brushed aluminium
- New high-res ambient occlusion maps instead of vcolors
- Reflection and specular layer for the windshield, satnav and aircon display
- Dot-matrix for windshield and sensor housing
- Lit decals now turns on with electric / changed to yellowish color
- New switches for sidepanel (differential, hazard, ...)
- Animated and lit switches for differential, truck and trailer lift-axle
- New satnav and aircon models including satnav interface overlay
- New VDO and fleet management models (the panel for it is still WIP)
- Accessory-slots for ceiling and dashboard lighting (activated either by electrics (E) or beacon (B))
- 3-pane setup for windshield rain instead of 1-pane for more density of raindrops (+ no more rain clipping through sunshield)
- New whiper animations that better fits the curvaturs of the windshield
- New Accessory: Wind-/rain-deflector for side windows
- New Accessory: Painted front and side-mirrors
- New headlight lightmask baked from physical lights- and reflection-setup in Blender
- Experimental/STC: Headlights with less texture and more reflections (maybe obsolete with Dotec's MP4)


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