SCANIA NextGen V8 sound mod by Max2712 V5.0

I've updated my Scania NG V8 sound mod for ETS2 1.43!
Finally, the old legend is back alive, thanks to combining the engine sound of my 6-series DC16 Euro 6 sound with the whole effect soundscape of a Scania NG!

What this means:
I've used the engine sound recordings I recorded sometime ago on a real Scania R520 6-series with the 16.4 l DC16 V8 Euro 6 engine (the same engine that can be found in the first NextGen models) and combined them with all the characteristic sounds of a Next Generation Scania (interior sounds, transmission, air-brakes, ...), which you may already know from my NG I6 sound mod. Since I have not been able to record a real NG V8 yet, my will was to recreate its sound as close as possible, and especially to bring all the characteristic NG details into the V8 sound. That means I've even integrated the proper air-compressor sound that is very distinctive on all NG Scanias into this particular V8 sound mod!
I'm very happy with the result, and I hope you'll also be happy to finally drive the NG V8 again! ;)
Also, thanks to introducing a modular system into my sound mods, you'll be able to use both my NG I6 and my NG V8 sound at the same time, without losing any functions or features! In order to achieve this, the NG I6 sound will receive a small update today, too.

Changelog for Version 5.0:
completely different, new engine sound recordings from a Scania R520 6-series
the whole sound has been completely rebuilt from 0%
added all the characteristic Scania NG effects and details to the V8 engine sound
adaption for patch 1.43
custom sound attenuation config for a realistic sound isolation in the cabin (ETS2 1.43 only!)
added compatibility with HRS Mods' Scania NGT
much more changes that I can't remember anymore since it's a completely different sound mod compared to version 4

- Max2712

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