New Volvo FH16 2021 (FH5) by KP TruckDesign

cabs: Sleeper, Globetrotter, Globetrotter XL & Globetrotter XXL
Own Interior (5 types)
Nine Chassis
A lots of tunning parts
All real engines and transmissions 
Improved reflections

Credits: KP_TruckDesign, Galimim


  1. Hi i have a question,
    i would like to change the lichtbox to my own company, but i can't find the file for change it?
    do you maybe know that?

  2. reflection in the windscreen is bad

  3. wäre super wenn man fensterspiegelung und das dashbaord fixen könnte dann wäre er echt nice

  4. why are you publishing a mod that is clearly not finished? the reflections are so bad it's undriveable in daylight and the speedometer is only half visible and still no digital display, this isn't a mod it's a partly finished piece of crap

  5. You have to update this MOD. The speedometer do not work and the digital display do not show gears and fuel.