MAN TGX E6 2015 by Gloover v.1.3

Version 1.3 / 1.42 / 1.43:

- added air bar with or without MAN logo
- added custom rear bumper with izeled led taillights
- added backplate with izeled led taillights
- added nordic styled rear fender mudflaps
- added cabin back wall MAN service plaque
- added cb radio antenna
- added full painted mirrors
- added side deflector lights
- added windscreen decals
- added beige leather seat & cheap passenger seat
- added step well case work lights
- added phone with bracket at toy-ac attachment point
- added construction bumper
- added more number plates
- added basic paintjobs

- reworked fire extinguisher attachment
- reworked work lights
- reworked tachometer & speedometer
- reworked passenger seat position

- fixed interior lollipop position
- fixed speedlimit icon on all gps systems
- fixed side fender reflector material

Credits: Gloover, Sogard3

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