SCANIA 6-series DC13 I6 sound mod by Max2712 V1


 Brand-new Scania 6-series DC13 inline-6 sound mod! All sounds have been recorded on a real 2016 Scania G410


completely new engine sound, built from sound samples recorded by me in reallife on a stock 2016 Scania G410 Euro 6 with the 12.7l DC13 inline-6 engine
all interior sticks, switches and accessory sounds recorded by me in a real 6-series Scania
multiple features and a lot of small details, like a dynamic idle sound with AdBlue injection effect, realistic blinker sound behaviour, a warning tone when turning off the engine without parking brake, ...
official Convoy-mode-support
real Opticruise gearbox shifting sounds
real air-brake sounds + specific sounds for applying/disengaging the parking brake
+ things I can´t remember anymore

- Max2712

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