Mercedes Actros MP4/MP5 OM470 sound mod by Max2712 V2.5


 UPDATE 23.10.2021
The mod has been updated to version 2.5. The sound has been improved a lot, and got a few new additions. It's also compatible with the ETS2 1.42 Convoy mode now!

That´s the changelog for V2:
completely new exhaust tone
new window sounds
new turbo sound
engine brake engaging when shifting up under load
air brake sounds when opening/closing the parking brake
slightly improved engine brake sound
new blinker sound behaviour (In terms of sound, the turn signal now always ends the interval it started, even if the turn signal lever is already back in the off position)
added compressor sound & real air-pressure-overload sound
fixed crashes/issues with the drivetrain revision mod by galimim
added compatibility with: "Big Stars - Actros/Arocs SLT" & Antos 2012 trucks
- Max2712

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