Scania V8 Straight pipe MegaPack (4x2 Variants)


 This mod is megamod of Scania V8 engines straight pipe sound with 4 variants of engines sounds and 2 variants of exhaust sound
(each engines still have own unique sound), Also air brake, air gear (Manual and opticruise) and retarder sounds.

-DSC14 14.2L Euro 2-3
-DC16 15.6L Euro 2-3
-DC16 15.6L Euro 4-5
-DC16 16.4L EEV-Euro 6

Exhaust sound variants:
-Exhaust stacks

Supported trucks:
-SCS Scania R & Streamline, NG R-S Series (DC16 16.4L EEV-Euro 6)
-RJL Scania R & Streamline & T Series(DC16 15.6L Euro 3, DC16 15.6L Euro 4-5, DC16 16.4L EEV-Euro 6)
-RJL Scania R4, T4 Series (DSC14 14.2L Euro 2-3, DC16 15.6L Euro 2-3)
-Eugene NG Scania R-S Series (DC16 16.4L EEV-Euro 6)

Slav Jerry - Almost all sounds
Kriechbaum - Opticruise gear air sound and some dsc14, dc16 16.4 litre sound
Alexander Swift - Manual gear air sound
Scania Group, TCL Sweden, G.Douglas timber haulage - sound samples

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