SCANIA NG V8 sound mod by Max2712 V4

SCANIA V8 stock sound mod to version 4! This version features a completely new engine sound which was recorded on a 2012 R560 V8 (not a NG though, because I had no chance recording one) and a lot of other new features!

All the interior sounds, air-gear, air-brake, and other sounds are basically the same as the ones in my NG I6 sound, however the engine sound is completely different.

It´s compatible with the NG Scania R and S by SCS and Eugene, but only for the V8-engines (520-770 hp). You can also activate it together with my NG I6 sound, but the V8 must be placed above it in the mod-manager.
The normal version is also compatible with 1.41 now, but the Steam Workshop version only works upto 1.40.

Changelog for Version 4.0:
engine sound completely reworked with new reallife sound samples recorded by myself
every sound placed to the real 3D-position (air-brake, reverse buzzer, ...)
new Opticruise gearbox sounds
new retarder sound
a lot of reworked sound samples
overall sound mixing improved

- Max2712
- Kriechbaum

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