Warehouse in Stuttgart Flughafen v1.1

Warehouse in Stuttgart Flughafen v1.1
by Adyox.

This mod add a medium-sized warehouse at Stuttgart's airport.
You can fin :

- 5 docks
- Gas station
- Repairer
- 2 parkings


How to install this mod ?

1. Go in ..\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod
2. Drag and drop the .scs file that you can find in the .zip file you downloaded.
3. Enjoy !


Which DLC do I need ?

You don't need any map DLC.


Where is located the warehouse ?

The warehouse is located south of Stuttgart, at the airport. A new city has been added : Stuttgart Flughafen


Can I take a job from this new city ?

No you can't. Indeed, there is a company (FLE), but it's part of Stuttgart.


Changelog 1.1 :

- Added some details
- Added lights


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