Mercedes Actros MP2/MP3 V6 sound mod by Max2712 (1.39/1.40)

Mercedes Actros MP2/MP3 V6 sound mod for ETS2! It works on versions 1.39 and 1.40 of ETS2 and features realistic engine, interior, air-gear, air-brake and more sounds, which are all recorded in reallife.

The most sounds I used are from myself, but some engine load sounds are from a MB Axor truck mod for ETS2, which included sounds by EVR. They are free and unlocked, so I used them in this mod too, because you only hear them very lightly and only when the engine has 20-30% load.
I´ve tried to recreate the original Actros V6 sound as good as possible, and I think it sounds pretty good and represents the real Actros. There may come some more updates in the future, depending on how you like the sound and giving me suggestions ;)

The sound comes in two versions:
1. With the normal air-gear sound from a usual automatic gearbox
2. With the EPS/Telligent-gearchange-confirmation sound in the interior
You can only use one of these two versions at the same time, please remind that!

- Max2712
- EVR (sounds in the Axor mod)

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