BDF Tandem Truck Pack

BDF Tandem Truck Pack (Short Tandem Chassis for Scania S) | ETS2 Mods v1.39

Ultra short chassis and only made for Scania S 2016 for now. This is a 4x2 Ultra Short Chassis.
There is also made 3 cargo selections. Dropside, Flatbed and Coolliner.
Small closet, which you can choose to add, as I did on picture, is both in a skin and in painted version.

NO TRAILER model has been updated to prevent it from damage truck when loading or unloading.
Cargo boxes for Ultra Short Chassis added. Flatbed, Dropbed and Coolliner box
Small rear closet in Skin and Paint added for Flatbed, Dropbed and Coolliner ultra short boxes
Update for 4x2 Short Chassis Shadow and the Coolliner height on 4x2 short cargo box

Flemming V

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