Volvo FH16 2012 Eugene

his mod only showed on EU Dealers (Not UK).
And i also add Kriechbaum D13K Sound on this mod.

Changelog on 3.1.5

updated texture so that it can be used in dx11.
updated pmd file to new version.
FMOD Support (Include Window Animation).
Added new D13K Sound ( by @kriechbaum ).
And change new file definition.
Remove gps and ui dashboard (If Piva updates it, maybe I will probably add it in the next version).
Remove galimim transmission (to complex and make crash on game (maybe someone can add it and fix it)).

I didn't lock this mod, so you can be creative at will.


- base 3D model | SCS Software
- remake and stuff|[Eugene]
- wheels | Ventures, Bora, 50keda
- hadley horns| 50keda
- TIR, ADR, etc. | DANZ aka d3s
- Adblue tank, skylights| Jekich1 (Turbosquid)
- Dashboard display| Piva
- Transmission, gearbox | galimim
- Interior Textures| AlexeyP
- Fixed to 1.39 | Bimo Wahyu Saputro

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