Next Gen Scania Custom Dash

Next Gen Scania Custom Dashboard Computer | ETS2 Mods v1.39

1.39 Only

That's All I can to do with dashboard uv-layout for on board computer. Very strange uv-layout by SCS.
May work with other modded truck. No not contain truck model.
- Bigger and readable fonts
- Cruise speed on main screen
- Instant fuel consumption bar
- Trip info including trip running time and average speed.

File logo.sui contain two lines:
- Scania logo
- V8 logo

 text: "<img src=/material/ui/dashboard/piva/v8.mat xscale=stretch yscale=stretch>"
 text: "<img src=/material/ui/dashboard/piva/scania_logo_2016.mat xscale=stretch yscale=stretch>"


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