MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 (v1.39 fix)

MAN TGX Euro6 v2.2 Fix 1.39

Added in v2.2:
-Improved lights texture and lightmask
-Selectable foglights function
-Color balance changed
-New/improved .mat files for a more realistic look
-Resized facelift steering wheel
-Manual gearbox depending on the gearbox selected
-Fixed "shiny" icons
-Fixed random shadow issue on spoilers/sideskirts
-Various fixes and improvemets

-Vasily EVR
-SCS Software

1 comment:

  1. I'm having 2 problems with the mod.
    1 - I'm not having a truck sound.
    2 - I don't have information on cruise control and fuel autonomy on the dashboard panel