BDF Tandem Truck Pack

Version 138.00 Changelog
Adjust outside view. (Too close to truck since version 1.38.x)
Update cabin (horn) in MB2014, Scania r, R 2016, S 2016, Streamline and Volvo FH2016
Check Volvo and Mercedes Benz for DLC hooked to Chassis rather than cabin, front and cab sides
Added a backside to Triangle reflex accessory which fit on rearbumper
Non Trailer: Whole model has been reworked. You can now reverse without damage
Non Trailer: Shaking should be gone now (Tested within speed limits)
Non Trailer: Cone and Cargo box removed from model, don't unhook it, you will not find it. :-)
Tandem Logs trailer had a typo that has been corrected

Flemming V

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