Mercedes Actros MP4 edit by Alex v1.6

Version 1.6 (1.37.x):
This update is focused on reworking the entire truck model.
Other reworks/options will be added too in the following updates.


-Decresead files size and optimized the models;
-Cleanup of mod structure files;
-Removed unnecessary files from mod;
-Added support for HS-Schoch Tuning Pack;
-All cabins and chassis are now a single .pmd model;
-Adjusted height of lowdeck chassis;
-Changed truck dealer truck configuration (UK and Europe);
-Reworked the GigaSpace 8x4 cabin for new accessories;
-Reworked 8x4 chassis + new accessories;
-Revisited cabin definition files (removed/added new string files);
-Krone Load Carrier raised and moved towards the truck;
-Updated truck dealer trucks with new accessories (Standard and UK);
-Updated UI icons for accessories;
-Fixed and updated template for BDF Container;
-Fixed truck dealer trucks blocked for purchase until level 25+;
-Fixed paintjob problem on some accessories (others need still fixes);
-Fixed truck dealer truck missing accessories (UK and Europe);
-Fixed UI icons on accessories;
-Fixed gaps inside cabin models;
-Fixed gaps inside chassis models;
-Fixed lower bumper grill models;
-Fixed locators position - now with scs numbers on models;
-Fixed lights lightmask on some chassis and cabins (added on missing chassis);
-Fixed quick job trucks missing accessories (UK and Europe);
-Fixed front and rear license plate locator on chassis;
-Fixed hieght of trailer hook on 6x2 BDF chassis;
-Fixed front license plate on 8x4 chassis;
-Added temporary SCS interior models until the new ones are ready;
-Added translations and icons on most of the parts;
-Added support for windows animation (1.37.x);
-Added new steering wheel animation;
-Added missing slot for Stoneguard in interior view;
-Added missing slot for middle glass plate in interior view;
-Added interior windshield slots (free slots);
-Added 8 more catalog colors;
-Added toolboxes for 8x4 chassis (original, chrome and paint);
-Added 2 new chassis: 4x2 BDF standard and 4x2 lowdeck tandem + accessories;
-Added stock blanket model on interior as an accessory;
-Added stock bed model on interior as an accessory;
-Added stock corner deflectors;
-Added air filters as accessories for their cabins (standard and tandem cabin);
-Added air filter tube as accessories for their cabins (standard and tandem cabin);
-Added new paintjobs + fixes and rework on older ones;
-Added many company skins to Box Liner & BDF container (Special thanks to @klauzzy);
-Added missing Kelsa lightbox on GigaSpace cabin (more options in the future);
-Added Hypro Trux Bull Bar (chrome and paint + slots);
-Added BigSpace cabin to 8x4 chassis + accessories;
-Added more UI icons for accessories;
-Added localization to some accessories;
-Added side reflectors (white and yellow);
-Added new parts to truck desktop model;
-Added rear accessories for 4x2 lowdeck tandem;
-Added adblue tank missing on chassis from Kast addon chassis;
-Added new fueltanks for short 6x chassis;
-Added stock rear bumper to 8x4 chassis;
-Added paint and plastic rear fenders and rear top fenders for 8x4 chassis;
-Added 2 new curtains option: front+side; side only;
-Added painted air filters for all cabins;
-And many other fixes. :)

- Alexandru_Andrey
- Sogard3
- ValheinXL
- SCS Software
- and all others who contributed in this mod
- B787(tester)
- Schwedentrucker_09(skins/tester)
- ActrosMP3(textures/tester)
- Klauzzy(tester/skins)
- ImRob(tester)
- Wippy(tester)


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