Fikcyjna Polska 1:5 v1.3

Fikcyjna Polska 1:5 v1.3

New cities:

Expanded / new roads:
- new DK12 to Głogów (25km)
- short section S5 (from the Poznań-Zachód node to the Stęszew node)
- DK36 expansion to the east (additional 65km)
- expansion of DK92 (additional 35km) and A2 west (additional 35km)
- refreshed DK92 and DK94 (new vegetation, additional objects along the road and optimization)
-New Nowa Sól node on S3
-first phase of visual improvement S3 (section Polkowice-Zielona Góra) and A2 (section Poznań-Świebodzin), more marking, new vegetation, slightly improved performance in some sectors, more companies, villages, advertisements and other elements along the road
- the beginning of works on the expansion of Wrocław, Wrocław North node (impassable for now)

All map DLC are required

MATAMET, Hapayek, Adam.J


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