Scania S Dashboard Computer 1.5 for 1.37 ONLY (FIXED)

Fixed UK variant animation of wipers. Thanks to AlexeyP for fix.
Also fixed progress bars behavior. Now each small square fill correctly.

Added new custom dashboard. Sorry, but this mod addon have one color only.
If you want and you can update for another colors, you can publish addon without premission.

Pack contain fixed main mod and new custom dashboard.

Piva, AlexeyP


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  1. Mirko Masiero
    Mirko Masiero
    1 secondo fa
    Thanks so much for this mod! Please, I would like to ask you if is possible to add an indicator that lights up when the retarder lever is in a position other than 0 (activated). For example, the SCS Renault Premium has 4 or 5 blue LEDs that light up when the retarder is active, and another light that lights up only when the retarder starts working. In this mod, you could turn on the actual retarder light in gray when it is activated, and then when it is working, change it to green.It's very important to know the retarder activation state!
    Also, is it possible to restore the green color for the engine brake light (like 1.4 ver) instead of white? Some as retarder.. white/gray when active, green when starts working.Thanks in advance!