[DOWNLOAD V1.1!][24-05-2020]Renault Premium edit by Alex [1.37]

Version 1.1 (1.37.x):
This update is focused on reworking the entire truck model.
Other reworks/options will be added too in the following updates.
-Added 4 new cabins (lower and daycab variants + interiors);
-Added windows and wipers animations for lower cabins (Many thanks to @xXCARL1992Xx);
-Added EEV badge on cabin - (by @Sogard3);
-Added support for Signs on your truck mod by @tobrago;
-Added corner deflectors as accesories (paint + plastic variant);
-Added more engines (DXi410, DXi440, DXi450) + badges;
-Added new variants of roof deflectors;
-Added windshield frame paint variant;
-Added painted fueltanks to all chassis;
-Added Racing Edition steering wheel;
-Added painted fenders (cabin, chassis and rear wheels);
-Added painted air filter for each cabin);
-Added plastic and paint+plastic front bumpers combinations;
-Added chrome and painted boxes as accesories for chassis;
-Added spare wheel as accessory;
-Added frame around the side windows as accessory (different paint+plastic variants);
-Added plastic main mirrors;
-Added many stock paintjobs;
-Added beacons on cabins (can be used only without roof deflectors!);
-Fixed trailer cables position and rotation;

- Alexandru_Andrey
- Sogard3
- xXCARL1992Xx
-Tester: Mohammad


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