AI Realistic lights V 3.0

Changes in Version 3.0: - We jump to version 3.0 for own comfort to work. - Reedited all the textures leds. - Added textures to left turn signals in: Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and Russia. - Added LED textures to the tram lights. - Increased traffic light beam. - Modification of all files. - Adjusted light effects of .dds files - Adjusted brightness of brake lights and headlights. - More visibility was given in the distance to the intermines of the AI. - The ranges of the turn signals have been expanded. - Modified the orange color of the flashing.+

SCS Software, Barmaley, Rockeropasiempre



  1. Supiri Multi play video ekak one
    Oya අැයිvideo me wage video karaddi kathakaranne naththe.....
    Apita give away ekak oneee.....

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