Renault Premium edit by Alex [1.36/1.37]

Renault Premium edit by Alex [1.36/1.37]

This mod reworks the Renault Premium by SCS by adding tandem chassis as well as reworking the truck model itself.

Version 1.0 (1.36.x/1.37.x):
This update is focused on reworking the entire truck model.
Other reworks/options will be added too in the following updates.
-Initial release;
-Reworked the truck model;
-Added sideskirts to 6x4 chassis;
-Added 4x2 lowdeck chassis;
-Added engine badges;
-Roof spoiler and side spoiler are now accessories;
-Divided as many parts from the truck as possible into accesories;
-Added parts such as front bumper, chassis cover, headlights, rear bumpers and mudflaps and many others;
-Added 6x2 lowdeck tandem chassis;
-Added new fueltanks.
But there's more - I'll let you discover all 

- Alexandru_Andrey
- Sogard3
-Tester: Mohammad

Download for 1.37

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