MAN F90 ReWorked ETS2 1.36.x DX11

Updated to 1.36.x & DX11.
Def files updated.
3D models revised & corrected.
Exhaust system changed to original.
Deleted not matching engines.
Fixed engine door badges.
Improved sounds.
Ui shadows corrected.
Liftable & steerable axles.
Some accessories position corrected.
Some accessories added.
Adjusted speedometer.
5th wheel height corrected on all chassis.
Trailer cables added.
Fixed collisions and advanced trailer coupling system.
Improved compatibility with other mods.
Deleted innecesary files.
SiSL Megapack addon INCLUDED and updated.
You need SiS’L megapack to have all the cabin accessories available.

Windshield wipers don’t move on exterior view.
Windshield wipers do not remove the water so windshield is modified to be able to drive under rain.

CyrusTheVirus, SCS, Voditel102rus, Kirill Mladshev, stass556, Madster, by_Lexa, Vlad5236, Truckercharly.


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