MedMap v0.1

MedMap v0.1

after lots of issues and demotivation, we are now ready to give you a version of the long-time announced MedMap.
This build v0.1 contains the cities Lecce and Crotone and the small towns Sibari, Cariati and Brindisi which were brought back from Renzo & Deco's ItalyMap.
The map should be compatible with any other map. You don't need to download the prefabs file if you already play a map which uses FLD's prefabs (e. g. ProMods)

Base map: Deco13 & Renzo248
Merge/Adaption: gmtavares
Rebuild: Topolino, poland.ball, gmtavares
Signs: EdgeGladiator
Prefabs: FLD


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