AI Realistic lights V 2.7 for ETS2 1.36.XX


- Detailed mod information in the game mod manager.
- Touch all general light intensity, both AI, and environment.
- Led's traffic lights.
- Added led traffic lights for all countries.
- Greater definition of all light effects of AI traffic.
- Greater definition of general light effects.
- Greater intensity and definition of headlights and brakes, cars, buses and trucks.
- Greater angle of light on the road, of headlights of vehicles and trucks.
- Increased the beam of flashing light of vehicles and trucks.
- Increased saturation of red and blue colors of vehicles guide and police.

Changes in Version 2.7:

- New textures with glass relief for the LED's of the traffic lights.
- Decrease in the overall light intensity of traffic lights.
- Decrease in the external bloom of semaphore LEDs.
- Conversion of the new pmg files.
- Adaptation of the files to version 1.36.
- Compatible with all Dlc's.

File weight: 2.4 Mb

Testers: Cupid, Saquer, Chuzo, Salsambo, TurkishTron, Rockeropasiempre.

Credits: SCS Software, Barmaley, Rockeropasiempre.


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