Trailers – SCS Rigids by Teklic

For this mod you need to have ETS2 v1.35
This mod make rigid trailers from SCS models
If you have any issuse with this mod please post your game log here.
You can suport me by posting your trailer image here.

Version 1.4:
Version 1.4.
SCS Box Tandem
SCS Box Dolly
SCS Box C double
SCS Box D double
Lowbed moved from “Teklic” trailer brand to “Schearzmuller”
Lowbed single
Lowbed cargo (fix)
Lowbed dolly (fix)
SCS Box Tuning
SCS Box Cargo
SCS Box Icons
Lowbed Icons

SCS , Teklic


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  1. такие прицепы есть для версии 1.36 . ????