Scania NGS P Cab (add-on for R chassis)

Scania NGS P Cab (add-on for R chassis) + Steam Workshop

Biggest features:
-Highline & Normal cabins;
-LHD & RHD interiors with engine tunnel;
-Side spoilers (45cm + 53cm), with and without the top + 12cm for Highline cab only;
-Roof spoilers (in increments of 5°, from 0° to 45°);
-Two hook point for the roof spoiler;
-Multiple variants of front grill parts;
-Plastic sunshields;
-Painted side panel with seal;
-Engine badges;
-Compatibility with Sogard3's low deck chassis;
-Engines badges for galimim's drivetrain revision (p220, p250, p280, p320 & p360);
And much more!!

-Special thanks to Wolfi & Sogard3
-Base model by SCS.


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