Fliegl SDS350 Mega - Rework v2.13

Fliegl SDS350 Mega - Rework v2.13

Reworked to a completely stand-alone mod. Trailer for low-deck trucks with SCS cargoes. Support all current game features.
This is a rework of a 2015 mod that was never updated beyond initial release to my knowledge. 

Fully stand-alone
Trailer ownership support
Freight market support
SCS cargoes
63 skins included
High quality 3d model
Advanced coupling
Custom license plates & SCS license plates support
Liftable axle
High quality light-mask with lp illumination
Wheels included
Cable physics support

Rework author: obelihnio
Original authors: BalczaK, Matias00
Wheel authors: abasstreppas



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