Mercedes Actros MP4 Rigid Chassis Mod 1.2

Version 1.2 (1.34.x):
This update is focused on reworking the entire truck model.
Other reworks/options will be added too in the following updates.


-Added real Mercedes Trucks cab and chassis info and description including images;
-Simplified image of the mod in mod manager for easy recognize;
-Added UI icons for almost all accessories;
-Added missing painted sideskirts for 4×2 chassis;
-Added the LSnRL/18 4×2 (lowdeck 4×2 chassis);
-Reworked the LS/18 4×2 (standard chassis);
-Added LS/25 6X2 (short steer taglift chassis);
-Added rear bumper for 4×2,6×2 chassis;
-Added several types of fueltanks for 4×2 chassis (stock, steel, paint, red);
-Added different types of cab frame (paint, plastic);
-Added spare wheel as an accessory for different chassis;
-Added more types of fuel tanks (big, small, normal, paint, red) for different chassis;
-Added BigSpace cabin for all chassis;
-Added stock rear chassis cover;
-Changed cables color to black;
-Added rear mudflaps as an accessory;
-Added right chassis accessories to 4×2 chassis (fueltanks, boxes);
-Added plastic box for different chassis;
-Added compatibility file (included in archive) for Kelsa bars by Obelihnio;
-Added raised roof spoiler for GigaSpace cab;
-Added SCS custom paintjob for krone rigid chassis;
-Added more types of paintjobs;
-Fixed rigid chassis shadow; (will be reworked with every version until the best result);
-Added trailer hook as an accessory (stock and red) for krone rigid chassis;
-Reworked fenders for krone rigid chassis;
-Moved the trailer hook slightly to the truck chassis;
-Discarded rear left and right chassis accessories for krone rigid chassis (as in real life);
-And other things that I can’t remember.

- ValheinXL
- Alexandru_Andrey (KiLLeR)
- Sogard3
- SCS Software
- and all others who contributed in this mod 
- B787(tester)
- Schwedentrucker_09(skins/tester)
- ActrosMP3(tester)
- Wippy (tester)

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