DAF F241 series by XBS

DAF F241 series by XBS

F241 is the name of a cab used on a series of heavy-duty, 
mostly long distance trucks produced by the Dutch manufacturer DAF from 1973 until 1994. 
They are better known as the DAF 2800, 3300 and 3600.

version: 1.0
Standalone truck, Sold in DAF Dealer shop.
No details from other games or mods.
Model and additional details created in the 3d editor for this truck.
version ETS2 1.33

Day Cab
Topsleeper Cab
Sleeper cab
Space cab

FT 4x2
FTS 6x2 lift axle
FTG 6x2 Twin Steer Tractor
FTT 6x4


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