New Weather Winter v1.0 by Schumi

New Weather Winter v1.0 [Schumi]

New weather for Frosty Winter Weather Mod, which is based on IWRr6. I recommend to connect Next-Gen Winter Mod byDamianSVW

- Fully reworked weather using 62 high-resolution sky textures
- 13 kinds of weather in the afternoon
- 12 types of dawn
- 13 types of sunset
- 14 species of the evening
- Several types of night
- Morning fog
- Configured HDR for night glow of light sources
- No extra Bloom  Ľa
- Shadows from the clouds

Supported versions of the game:
1.33.x + DLC Going East + DLC Scandinavia + DLC Vive la France + DLC Italia

- SGate
- Schumi
- ProMods Team
- grimes
- DamianSVW

You can support my work if you want, it’s up to you:



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