Mercedes Actros MP2 and MP3 sound by Leen

Mercedes Actros MP2 and MP3 sound *update 28-12-18*

The base of this sound is made by Paulnice, but unfortunately there was only a interior sound, so I reworked this sound and add also a exterior sound to the mod, the fan sounds are made by Kriechbaum.

This sound mod contains the click-clack sound of the Telligent gearbox, there a three versions to download, the Telligent gearbox version (click-clack sound) the manual gearbox version and automat version.

There is only one sound for both type (V6 & V8) engines, because it's hard to make a MB V8 sound. The MB V8 sound is so specific I can't get it done.

update 28-12-18
Added new sounds but basic engine sounds are not changed
new original retarder sound
tire sound
tire rumble and cabin rattle
new rumble strip sound
new park brake sound
new engine break int sound
just listen to the detail sounds to discover it.

Leen, Kriechbaum


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