Tandem Addon for Sogard3 Scania G & P series [1.32]

Tandem Addon for Sogard3 Scania G&P series

• Chassis for Highline/topline/normal cabs
• 6x2 Rigid Rear steer
• 6x2 Rigid Rear steer Taglift
• 6x4 Rigid
• 6x2 Rigid Taglift
• 3 different 8x4 chassis

Available cargo boxes, chassis and all tandem upgrades are the same as in Kast addon.
Nothing changed,nothing added, nothing ripped.

Put this file with more priority than the tandem mod for RJL Scania rs&r4 by Kast.


Kast, RJL,GT-Mike, Wolfi, Nazgûl, Sogard3,ValheinXL

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